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Excellent Customer Service
I decided to try Madam Sabi after reading about it on Sisi Yemmie’s blog, been abroad have always wanted to order Groceries but I never found a website that had all items listed, delivery fees outlined and you can actually speak to someone when you call customer service. I called customer service and Sam picked up, my first impression was this guy will use Ma to kill me o! Very professional and even when I insisted they delivered outside their regular delivery location, Madam Sabi made it happen in 24hours. I was even more shocked when I got a text message asking my permission to swap items they didn’t have with any extra cost, I was very impressed. Delivery was excellent and the items arrived in excellent condition, my mum said the items arrived in a Limo. I recommend Madam Sabi 100% but please can you add household items so our whole shopping experience can be complete. Proud customer of Madam Sabi
• Mrs B UK 2016-05-27 13:33:22 Average Rating: